March 7, 2020
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Electric Massage Chairs - Almost as Good as a Massage Therapist

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Electric massage chairs provide for an interesting intersection between an inanimate object and a human being. Our bodies get tense and sore. We seek relief through many means, and through many creative ways. And innovative people figured out a way to combine moving metal rollers and kneaders, air bags, leather, wood, and electronics to make some pretty amazing machines to help us find that relief.

It should be acknowledged that a really good massage simply can't be beat. Of course, the human touch from a real massage therapist is the best for getting at the exact tense places in our bodies, and it's nice to be able to talk to the therapist about exactly what is going on. However, you might be surprised at the effectiveness of electric massage chairs. The technology that goes into these engineering wonders is really quite astounding. A really good massage chair can provide an amazing reprieve from tension and stress. Plus, you don't have to take off your clothes around a total stranger, act like it doesn't bother you, and try to relax through the massage itself. Of course, that sort of thing doesn't bother some people, so that may not be that big of a consideration. Regardless of what you prefer, a massage of any sort is usually a good thing.

The other day I stopped by a local store that carries electric massage chairs. I took the opportunity to treat myself to about 10 minutes in one of the higher end, luxury massage chairs. In the past, I've only experienced really low end, entry-level chairs that usually just amount to a vibration effect in the body. These usually leave you feeling frustrated and sort of upset because they really don't get at the spots you need them to, or with near enough pressure or focus to do any good. The thing I noticed right away was the grin that kept crossing my face. It just felt good!

Granted, electric massage chairs can be pretty spendy, but when I was enjoying my time in the one I was sitting in, I didn't care how much it cost. In fact, as I sat there I kept thinking to myself that a couple grand for this sort of experience whenever I want it would be a small price to pay. It was incredible how, what on the outside looks like a simple chair, can actually be so effective. The air bags around the sides and backs of my calves felt so good. The rollers and kneaders that worked up and down my back also went in and out, and even sometimes did a circular motion. I had the remote set on "all" so I got a huge variety of speeds, motions, pressures, and movement.

As someone with a troubled back, I can highly recommend any number of electric massage chairs. They are effective and convenient. The really good ones are expensive, but when compared to the cost of regular visits to a massage therapist, one would actually pay for itself before too long. The first time the rollers went up my spine, they actually set my back. It felt, and sounded, like a chiropractor had done something. I felt like that little "pop" sound alone saved me about $80 bucks. Electric massage chairs are definitely worth the price. I'll be buying one just as soon as I can.


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