April 29, 2020
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Oily Skin and Acne - Causes and Solutions

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Oily skin is most of the time associated with acne breakouts. In the quest of learning how to get rid of acne, many people try to make their skin as dry as possible. However, the skin oil itself is not the cause of acne.Our skin reflects our vitality and state of health, and that's why it's very important to have a clear and radiant facial skin. But what is skin oil or sebum, and what role does it play when it comes to our skin?

Sebum is a skin oil produced by the sebaceous glands located just beneath our first layer of skin. It is mainly composed of triglyceride and cholesterol. So basically, our skin oil is made out of lipids that the body produce. The role of sebum is to act as a natural barrier against any exterior stressors, and to fight bacteria. However, our skin also has a detoxifying and excretory function that is about eliminating any excess toxins that the liver and colon couldn't get rid of. The face has the largest number of sebaceous glands compared with other areas of the body. That means that more sebum is produced on the face.

Why is an oily skin associated with acne? Oily skin is not a cause of acne, but it can definitely increase the chances of getting acne breakouts. The improper functioning of the hair follicle that transports the sebum to the surface of your skin is causing pimples. The precise cause of acne is hard to pinpoint even for dermatologists. That is why acne treatments are usually done on a trial and error basis.

Acne is actually a skin condition that is dependent on many factors. One of such factors is toxin elimination, or actually getting rid of excess toxins. Excessive oiliness shows that there are some toxins that the skin needs to eliminate. This happens either because some people are more sensitive to some toxins that they ingest, or because the liver and intestines may be overburdened with toxins.

So oily skin only shows you that there is something going on inside the body that is not quite right. People always talk about skin types, but the fact is that oily skin can be cured by treating the factors that produce it. Hormones can also increase sebum production if they go over a certain limit.This is why teenagers tend to notice that their skin gets oilier and breaks out.Hormonal acne can be difficult to cure. Taking synthetic hormones or medication that inhibits certain hormones, can be one option. Eating an alkaline diet and introducing some supplements that balance the hormones is the other approach.

How to regulate sebum production and get rid of acne? Since the sebum can get trapped and infected thus causing pimples, some masks that regulate its production can be very beneficial for acne prone skin. However, a non-inflammatory diet is also important. Each person may need to change a particular eating habit that is causing inflammation and excessive toxins. It can be dairy, gluten, phytates, and a number of other factors that can contribute to acne formation.

Clay is your best friend when you have oily skin. You can either mix clay with water, or different astringents that prevent oiliness. Vinegar, lemon juice, tea-tree, green tea - are all very good things that can be mixed with clay. Try to alternate the masks that you're using on a weekly basis because the skin gets used very fast to a certain treatment. Clay has the ability to extract the toxins and sebum, but it also contains a large number of minerals that are beneficial for your skin. The clay mask should be applied on a clean skin, and should be left on until it's completely dry. If your skin gets too dry after using a clay mask, apply some organic argan or jojoba oil.

Honey mask is probably one of the best oily skin and acne remedies. You can either use pure honey by itself or mix it with cinnamon. Honey has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties so it will fight acne and hyper pigmentation. You can use a honey mask right after the clay mask. The clay mask detoxifies the skin pores, and the honey nourishes and balances sebum production. Make sure to buy raw honey as it preserves all of the healing properties. Also, leave the honey mask on for at least one hour.

Getting rid of acne and oily skin can be done if we treat the underlying cause. Acne and oily skin are only side-effects of other health conditions, so a holistic approach is better than applying many expensive topicals. There are also other natural and home remedies that can treat acne and oiliness issues.


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