May 18, 2020
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Outdoor Entertaining

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If you own a patio, garden or a screened in porch, then you must know what a wonderful thing it is to invite friends over for a little outdoor entertaining.

There are so many things you can do to make outdoor entertaining a fun experience for everyone, including you, the host. Entertaining outdoors, you don't have to worry about vacuuming up the floor or sweeping up any messes, most will be gobbled up the next day by birds or other small critters!

Today there is outdoor furniture that is made of durable, breathable and stain resistant materials - for the cushions - that are easy for you to maintain while outdoor entertaining. You can hose them off after your guests leave or some; you can throw them in the washer and then allow them to air dry.

The tables, and especially the chairs, have come a long way since the lawn chair days with the slats of nylon and plastic. There are several materials to choose from such as aluminum with umbrellas to match and you can match the coffee tables and end tables. It's like bringing the indoors out doors for outdoor entertaining. There are wooden sets and wicker sets of furniture that will accent any decor and have your guests sitting in comfort and style while drinking and eating or playing cards outdoors.

Outdoor entertaining can be just like indoor entertaining when you add a 'fireplace' or burn urn in which to keep you and your guests warm on cooler summer nights. If you add an awning or overhead tent, this will add to the guest enjoyment by keeping the sun off them during the day and the bugs away at night. There are also specially made candles, citronella candles which help to keep bugs away from you and your guest while you are enjoying the outdoors.

If you own a barbeque grill, that is the perfect way to gather people together for an outdoor entertaining party. Or a swimming pool is another reason to have people over for outdoor entertaining. If you have a beautiful garden of flowers and plants and have some nice outdoor garden furniture, it's nice to entertain outdoors in the garden; you don't have to belong to a garden party to have one.

You can have a themed garden party or outdoor party. If you have tiki torches and strings of small, decorative lights or even Christmas lights will do, then you can hang them around your garden and have a Hawaiian theme party or a Midsummer Nights party. Matching the cups, plates and food to the theme is a great idea when outdoor entertaining.

When you are outdoor entertaining, be careful of pets and children. Someone needs to watch them closely because both can become scared with loud noises, or wonder off into the garden and get lost or fall into the pool or pond and drown when no one is watching. Children can get too close to the fireplace or open the gate to wonder into the streets causing all kinds of untold trouble.


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