June 2, 2020
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Patio Tables -You Couldn't Enjoy Your Patio Without Them

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So the weather is getting warmer and you are looking forward to lazy summer afternoons soaking up the sun and evening meals outside. When you go to clean off your patio furniture you notice that your plastic patio table is cracked badly and needs to be replaced. Where do you begin to look for a new one?

Well if you want to continue the endless cycle of purchasing a new patio table every few years than just run down to your local home or discount store and pick up another. If you want to break the cycle you first need to know what else is out there in the world of patio tables and other patio furniture.

The best way to do this is to browse online stores. Beyond flimsy plastic there are thick resin patio tables in a rainbow of colors. Or you could go away from plastic and resin all together and go with a patio table made of wood. Choose from red cedar, white cedar, pine and teak tables. All sturdy and beautiful any table made of wood will lend your patio a natural look.

White cedar is a light wood that is naturally rot and insect resistant. It will weather to a silver gray unless you treat with a semi-transparent stain with sunscreen. Red cedar is weather and decay resistant and has natural coloring in ambers, reddish cinnamons and sienna browns accompanied by a distinct aroma. This beautiful wood will also fade to a silver gray unless treated with a stain. Yellow pine is highly resistant to wear and just needs soap and water for cleaning. It is available in several colors and finishes to enhance the style of your patio. Finally, teak wood is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all woods. It is superbly resistant to rotting and can withstand the effects of sun, rain, frost and snow for fifty years or more. The wood also fades to a silvery gray patina without being treated with teak protector.

Once you decide on a material for your new patio table you need to decide on the size and shape. You see patio tables aren't just for eating. There are patio end tables, patio coffee tables, patio pub tables and even patio side tables. Do you want a square patio table that seats four or maybe an oval one to seat eight. If you have a large family or are partial to dinner parties you can even get patio tables that extend to accommodate tent to twelve people. Try a round table for eating and a small rectangular coffee table for the seating area.

No matter what type of patio tables you are looking for choosing ones that will last through a lifetime of memories and suit a myriad of situations will guarantee you more time to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer. Fresh air, warm sun, a good book and a cold drink just wouldn't be the same without a comfortable chair to relax in and a few patio tables to kick up your feet and hold your drink while you spend time enjoying your yard alone or with some good friends and family.


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