July 15, 2020
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Portable Saunas are Convenient and Reasonably Priced

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A lot of people take advantage of the health benefits and relief of tension that come from unwinding in a sauna. However, it's not necessarily easy or cost efficient to go to a facility that provides this experience. Consequently, more and more folks are deciding to set up a portable sauna in their house. In this way they can enjoy this healthy, relaxing experience at very little cost. Portable saunas normally cost a few thousand dollars less than built in models.

There's more than one kind of portable sauna to pick from. To begin with, there's the totally portable cabinet style unit that can be collapsed for storage. These structures are manufactured from a fabric that looks sort of like an insulated tent. There's no call for new plumbing or electrical wiring. You just plug it into a standard wall socket. There's a chair that collapses easily after you're finished. Your head and hands will stick out from slits that are designed for this purpose. As soon as you're finished, you fold it up into a small box-like package.

Other styles of portable saunas are similar to a sleeping bag or a dome. You lay down and enclose yourself in either a stiff plastic dome or a special sauna blanket. Your body is totally enclosed, with the exclusion of the head. These units are quite easy to store away once you're done. The drawback, however, is that you won't be able to move your arms, which means you're essentially motionless throughout the process.

Then there are the pre-built portable saunas. Although they're called portable, they're not designed to be stored away when not being used. Their heat source, called far infrared or FIR, is somewhat different from the normal means of supplying heat. They are unique because they only heat up objects and people, and not the air. These structures feature a control panel that lets you fine-tune the temperature and set a timer.

Once it's plugged in, the panels in the interior start to generate heat. It may seem hazardous to be sitting so near to a heat source, yet it's really perfectly safe. The panels never get hot, only warm. And FIR heat is most effective if it's used near to you.

A portable home sauna does have certain drawbacks. The truly portable units just can't equal the heat level of an ordinary sauna. Since their walls are so lightweight, there isn't enough insulation to prevent some heat from escaping. A pre-built sauna is much better at providing higher levels of heat. But there are those who discover that the small enclosed space leads to claustrophobia. However, portables are a great option if you aren't up for the expense and effort of setting up a permanent structure.


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