July 24, 2020
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How To Decorate For Real Life Living

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The best decorating ideas and themes won't work if you don't take into account your family and how it functions at home. If you have young children, the naturally occurring wear and tear on furnishings must be taken into account. For example, chenille fabrics are a better choice than silks for obvious reasons. Also, darker colors, or at least medium tones, would be better choices than lighter ones as they are more "family friendly" than, say, white. Floor coverings also must be considered. You may love the look and texture of a sisal rug, but it is hard on the knees of little ones that are crawling around. If choosing carpeting, spend the extra money if you can on carpeting with built-in stain resistance - you will be grateful when those little feet or paws track in dirt or have "accidents."

If you have no children, then your choices can be much different. You can fill your home with the most luxurious fabrics and expensive flooring, and enjoy every minute of it. The trick is to consider not only your style and preferences, but who is living in the home and how they will be using it.

How to Make Decorating Decisions

When it comes to home decorating, there is really no right or wrong way to do it. There are guidelines, though, that you can adopt if you would like your home to have a balanced and cohesive home decor. Don't be intimidated by all of the options that are available to you both in stores and online.

Utilizing books and magazines to look at and tear out pictures of rooms that speak to you can go a long way in helping you to determine what your desires and style are. You don not have to "copy" a room exactly - take cues from pictured that attract you and if you can duplicate an aspect or two or three that you love about it, go for it.

Making Your Room Harmonious

For a room's scheme to be harmonious there should be some sort of unifying theme that runs throughout it that helps to blend it all together. When you have that, you have harmony. Perhaps the unifying theme in your family room is "family" - the use of fun family picture frames will be an important aspect in the room, amongst other details, the larger details like comfy furnishings.

Scale plays a large role in the harmony of a room. You wouldn't want to use low seating in room with soaring ceilings, nor would a large bulky armoire look good in a room with standard height ceilings. Selecting fabrics is crucial, too. Chenille may be a great option for the couch, but would probably look out of place on an antique Louis XVI chairs.

Color is an important aspect of your successful room design. Pick a color or two that you want to use as the connecting thread. You can incorporate patterns if you would like, but make sure that they coordinate with the overall theme. The idea is the same as when you are trying to put together an outfit for yourself, using the same basic "rules" when choosing colors and patterns.

Integrating Accessories and Artwork

When you wear jewelry to accessorize your outfit, you are implementing a practice that you can also use in your room. Just by selecting the right accessories an ordinary room can become extraordinary. Use these accessories to bring your personality into the room. If you like to have a more traditional look, put some artwork into some simple black frames. If your personality tends to be more funky and fun then try some non-traditional accessories and lavish, decorative picture frames to make your room reflect your personality.

Mix it up a little when it comes to choosing artwork and accessories. You can get an interesting look by mixing the new with the old, found objects with fine objects, and new accessories with hand-me-downs.

Occasionally, simply rearranging furnishings or artwork and accessories can give your room a brand new feel and look. "Shop" for accessories and artwork - even furnishings - in your own home. By just moving one or two or more items from one room to another may be all it takes to update your room. You may be surprised by the number of new treasures you find that you had forgotten about, or just weren't noticed in another room.


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